Most real estate agents will tell you they prefer to not work with buyers. In fact, one measure of being a success at real estate is that you can hire your own “Buyer’s Agent” so that you don’t have to work with buyers at all.

I enjoy working with buyers. I embrace the challenge of finding the right house for you to buy. My strategy is to start by asking a lot of questions. The basics of how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and price are just the beginning. I want to know how you will live in your home. Questions that allow me to see a bigger picture include: do you have pets and kids, how you eat your meals, and if you cook. Will you have a garden, do you want to ride your bike to work, and are you handy enough to make repairs? These questions are just scratching the surface, but the more I know about you and your lifestyle, your hobbies and aspirations, in short - the more I know about you - the better I will be able to help you find the right home.

After learning about you, I set up a search. I use the basic statistics of square footage, price and location to get things started, but instead of just sending you everything on the list, I personally scrutinize every house to see if I think it matches you and your lifestyle. A robot can make a search for you and send you everything that’s a match, whereas I set up a search for you and send you everything that might become your home.

I see the whole process as a collaboration. If you find a house on your own that you’re interested in - send it to me! Let’s work together to find you the best match possible.

Once we get to the point of writing an offer, you will have my knowledge of construction, negotiating, and strategy to get everything put together smoothly. Buying a house is a process, and I’m eager to guide you through it all!