There are a lot of things to think about when selling your home, and even more to do to get ready. It can often feel overwhelming and intimidating.


Most of the work of selling your home happens well before my sign goes in the front yard. Selling your home is all about preparation. If you are thinking about selling, no time is too early to get me involved. The sooner we talk, the more helpful I can be.


We can discuss how your house would sell best, such as what repairs and improvements to make. Even better, we can talk about what not to do. We can scrutinize value and pricing, gathering that information to assist you in your decision making. I will connect you to appropriate resources to get your home staged and looking great. And finally, we will bring in my photographer to take professional pictures.


Professional photographs are extremely important. I am committed to having outstanding pictures in the MLS, an expense I incur. When I first started selling homes, I did things like classified ads in newspapers. Now those sections of the paper are non-existent and all of our resources are focused online. Buyers looking at houses start (and end) by looking at those pictures. Therefore, I believe it’s a requirement that I have the very best photographs possible.


Once your home is on the market, you will receive regular communication from me about how things are going, the feedback we receive from potential buyers, and how our marketing strategy is working out. And of course, once we receive an offer, we will go over the details, work through the negotiations, and put things on track for a smooth closing.


I will help you with the unknowns and give you the best opportunity to sell your home quickly for the maximum profit.