"We were extremely impressed and please with how Clint guided us through the entire process, letting us accurately know what to expect on a Short Sale, successfully preparing us for the closing, and helping us feel confident through it all that he had experience needed to work through the process. Thank you SO much Clint."     - Les and Marlene



"We both thought that you made our house buying process a positive experience. We especially loved and appreciated that you answered our emails and other questions as soon as possible.  We are both very happy with the house we have bought, and will definitely give your name to any of our friends and family who may be buying or selling a house in the future. Thank you so much for all of your help and advice throughout this process!"  -Alyssa and Peter



"Clint was very prompt in getting back to us if we had any questions or if we had any concerns. He genuinely cares about people's needs and wants in a home. I would recommend him to anyone who is selling a home or buying a home."    -LeeAnn and Tom



"We recently purchased a bank owned property. After the purchase agreement was signed a couple glitches happened.  Clint promptly took care of everything and the closing process went very smoothly.  His communication style is outstanding throughout the entire process.  We have used Clint to purchase previous a previous property and so have members of our family and it has always been a pleasant experience. Clint is fun to work with and I highly recommend him if you're in the market to buy or sell."    -Bob and Carol



"Clint is the most competent and highly knowledgeable Realtor I have ever worked with. I had a situation where Clint was representing me as a buyer and my lender (Bear Sterns) went out of business 3 days before I was to close on my new home, which was also 4 days before Christmas. Clint worked tirelessly to help us find a new lender and buy our house. We closed on time and I don't believe any other Realtor could have done so much in so little time. I highly recommend him."   -John



We gave two Realtors a combined 595 days on the market with our perfectly fine house before the clock ran out and we decided to make a change. When complacency and chaos didn't hack it, we wanted common sense, credibility, commitment and composure. We received some advice from a lender we respected, "Call Clint; he'll take care of you." And with that, Re/Max agent Clint Kuipers arrived on the scene. We closed in 105 days. We barely heard a peep. Clint "no worries" Kuipers had complete confidence in our house and it carried through to buyers.


With Clint there's no spin. He’s always thinking about his clients without considering his own convenience or betterment. It's really all about you, his client. He won’t waste your time telling you stories about fortunes made or lost by other people or complaining about how terrible the economy is. He is incredibly efficient. For busy people, he’s perfect. 



Clint is able to do this because he’s ethical, compassionate, knowledgeable, hard working, optimistic, trustworthy and unflappable. And he’s easier to reach than my mother! When Clint told us he tried to respond to calls and emails within 5 minutes, we didn't think it was possible.  Yet it seemed like every time we needed to reach him, he got back to us instantly.  At times he was so fast we thought there was something wrong with our inbox! But when we met in person he was completely focused on us.



Clint keeps it simple, short, and straight to the point. Clint’s website is low key compared to many and may only show a few listings at a time but that’s just like him. He takes on only the number of homeowners to whom he can truly commit his hands-on services. For example, our listing photo was shot on a cloudy day and looked pretty grim. A few days later, we checked the page again and the sun was shining. Clint had driven 40 miles in heavy snow to re-take the shot!



A Realtor has to be a teacher these days. If he thought we should think about something differently he explained the facts clearly and helped us explore all possible solutions. He did not hold back helpful information that others would make you “ask for” before offering.



There is never a rush with Clint nor is there only one right answer to a question. He’s very calm and steady. What agent has ever told their client in this economy to NOT lower their price? He always said “I know it will sell - just relax.” 



We wholeheartedly recommend Clint Kuipers as an agent who can perform the feat of matching a buyer and a seller in this or any other market and make it all look easy.